Top 101 Best Men’s Haircuts 2019

The best men’s haircuts to get in 2019 range from short and textured to long and messy. While new hairstyles for men are constantly appearing in barbershops as skilled barbers continually push stylistic boundaries to create the hottest modern cuts and styles, it obviously helps guys to know what is trending right now.

From classic to modern styles, these are the top haircuts for guys to get this year.

And with so many cool haircuts to try this year, if you’re looking to experiment with the latest hair trends, this is the time to do it. Below, we’ll discuss the most popular men’s hairstyles, how to style each cut, and good styling products to use.

For example, short haircuts for men will always be popular, but the medium length and long hairstyles have been a favorite as well in recent years. In fact, guys can style a comb-over, quiff, slick back, or faux hawk with short and medium hair, adding to the versatility of letting your hair grow out and leaving some length on top.

Nevertheless, the textured crop, fringe, fade, undercut, brush back, and other classic styles that fit in with “short sides, long top” hairstyles have remained some of the top looks.

The best part is that most of these cuts work for all hair types, textures, and lengths. Specifically, guys with thick, wavy and curly hair won’t have trouble finding a stylish hairstyle to wear.

Now let’s look at the best haircuts for men of 2019.

Popular Hairstyles For Men

Choosing a good long, medium-length or short haircut can make all the difference in your personal style. While these examples of cool short men’s haircuts are easy to get, maintain and style – just run some product through your hair if you need a professional look for work – the longer styles are just as trendy and sexy.

As a matter of fact, messy textured longer hair on top with short sides is the most notable look.

Furthermore, we highly recommend a fade or undercut on the sides, but some guys are opting for scissor cuts for a tapered finish.

Whatever your preference is, there are fresh, dapper haircut styles for every hair length and type.

Best Men’s Haircuts 2019

If you’re looking for a trendy new men’s haircut or cool hairstyle for men, then you’ll absolutely want to try the latest cuts and styles below. Whether you have short, long, wavy, curly, or thick hair, here are the best men’s haircuts.

Fade Haircuts For Men

The fade haircut is a modern look that continues to rise in popularity. The defining characteristic of the taper fade is a gradual taper in hair length. Towards the bottom of the head, the hair gets progressively shorter and can even be faded into the skin. There are many variations to fade haircuts for men, which include some confusing terminology.

To clarify, here are some of the common types of fades and what they mean. Between the high, low, mid, skin, bald, taper, temp, and drop fade, guys have plenty of haircut options when it comes to trimming their hair on the sides.

High vs Low Fade

The high fade haircut is an edgy, high-contrast cut. It begins high on the sides and back, and the hair gradually tapers down the neck. On the other hand, the low fade starts at the edges of your cut and hairline, right above your ears and neckline. The taper is barely noticeable in some low fades.

Often, the low fade is a more conservative cut that’s safe for professionals, whereas a high fade shows off more scalp. Guys can even combine different kinds of fades, such as a low skin fade or high bald fade. If you’re considering whether to get a high or low fade and aren’t sure which works better with your desired hairstyle, ask your barber for his advice.

Skin and Bald Fade

The skin fade haircut is a style that more extreme and aggressive. Instead of tapering and ending your cut with very short hair, the bald fade involves your barber blending into your skin.

This kind of fade looks really cool when paired with short to medium hairstyles on top and possibly thick facial hair. Otherwise, a buzz cut on top with a skin fade on the sides is very much a military-style that doesn’t offer much versatility.

Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut involves short hair on the sides of the head and around the back. Unlike the fade, the undercut hairstyle is generally cut all one-length (except in the case of the undercut fade) and starts very high on the sides. Like the name states, the undercut haircut essentially undercuts the hair on top to provide a strong contrast between the longer top and short sides.

The most common version of the undercut hairstyle is the slicked back undercut. However, guys can combine the cut with any number of styles on top, including the quiff, pompadour, comb over, and messy, textured hair. What started off as a hipster haircut for men has become a hit in barbershops around the world.

If you’re tired of a fade, then change it up with an undercut – they both work for most of the same looks. As the best haircuts, you can always pair the styles and get an undercut fade.

Textured Fringe Hairstyle

Fringes go through cycles in terms of men’s fashion – one year they’re in, and the next year they’re out. For 2019, textured fringe hairstyles seem to be very trendy for guys with curly hair. This is because wavy and curly hairstyles can be hard to manage, but the curly fringe just seems to work.

Otherwise, adding a short fringe to your look can be an easy way to change your cut. Whether you want an angled fringe to showcase your hair’s texture or color, or a blunt fringe to frame your face, this hairstyle can suit any guy’s look.

French Crop Haircut

The crop top is a twist on the classic Caesar haircut. Short and convenient to wear, the French crop features short hair with a straight fringe at the hairline in the front.

While the fringe adds an element of fashion to your haircut, the short length is very low-maintenance and easy to style in the mornings.

Many guys combine the crop with a fade on the sides or an undercut in order to keep the style fresh and on point.

Quiff Haircuts

The quiff continues to be one of the coolest hairstyles for men. While a relatively high-maintenance look that requires a good men’s styling product to pull off, the quiff hairstyle is worth the extra effort.

The modern quiff only needs 3 inches of hair on the top of the head and guys can use a pomade for a sleek finish or a wax for a textured, natural look. Either way, apply your hair product of choice, brush back your hair, and blow-dry to get a stylish quiff.

Comb Over Hairstyles

The comb-over needs no introduction; although the modern comb over fade looks nothing like the traditional cut. A faded comb over is achieved with some type of taper on the sides and some length on top. Because of its versatility, guys can opt for a long or short comb-over.

The longer hair on top can then be used to change up your look on occasion, allowing you the flexibility to style a slick back, a pompadour, or quiff when you get bored.

To do a comb-over, simply apply your hair styling product evenly throughout. Then find your natural part to split and brush your hair. The comb-over hairstyle can be brushed to the side or diagonally back.

Ultimately, the comb-over is an understated yet sexy look that can work for any situation or hair type.

Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hairstyle is another classic haircut that works for all face shapes and hair textures. Although the slick back undercut is the most modern version of the style, guys can easily get the greaser variation with some high-shine pomade.

Nevertheless, recent trends have been geared towards naturally textured looks. With short sides, textured hairstyles have been all the rage this year. Plus, matte styling products like clay and cream generally make hair look fuller and thicker. This can make a natural style great for guys with thin hair.

To style a slick back, simply apply a little product and comb your hair back from your face. The slicked back haircut for guys looks classy and professional, with minimal effort required.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk, also known as the fohawk, is like the mohawk but with more mainstream appeal. With longer hair down the middle of the head and tapered sides, the cut is perfect for guys who want a short hairstyle that still looks edgy and interesting.

By leaving a few inches of length on the top, the faux hawk fade gives you some hair to style but is still short enough to be practical and easy.

To style a faux hawk, all you have to do is use some pomade, wax, clay or hair cream, depending on the hold you want, and push all your hair towards the middle. For a more messy finish, feel free to leave your hair looking disheveled and pointing in different directions.

Top Men’s Hairstyles in 2019

Getting a modern men’s hairstyle for 2019 is a choice you won’t regret. These top haircuts for guys are trending strong and easy to wear to work and social events.

While short hairstyles are often easier to manage and work well with active lifestyles by cutting out styling time, guys should also consider some of the sexy medium haircuts below. They’re convenient, trendy, and flattering so keep your hair a little longer on top and give yourself the ability to style a number of different styles.

Textured Spiky Hair + High Bald Fade

Spiky hairstyles for men are part of the short sides, long top trend. This is a great example of a modern textured spiky haircut with a high skin fade that focuses your attention on the beautiful styling above. For a unique twist, the hair is slightly longer in the front, allowing guys to style a fringe or brush up.

Side Swept Ivy League + Taper Fade

As one of the hottest classic men’s hairstyles, the side-swept Ivy League is a clean-cut style perfect for teens, college guys, and young professionals. The taper fade makes it appropriate for both business and casual settings, and the nicely groomed full beard is a sweet touch.

Pompadour Fade

While the pompadour hairstyle is more of a classic, retro look for guys, the high bald fade in this example brings the cut into the modern day. Brushed up and back in the front, this pompadour fade is styled slick and shiny. However, guys do have the option of keeping their hair more natural for a textured finish.

Thick Textured Hair on Top + Short Sides + Beard

Guys with thick hair have access to all of the best hairstyles. With short faded sides and a thick, textured top that is styled slightly messy, this haircut is handsome and sophisticated. Plus, the thick beard says manly and masculine.

Long Brushed Back Hair + Tapered Sides

Long and medium-length hairstyles for men offer plenty of options. With long hair on top, guys can style a quiff, pompadour, comb over, or slick back – all with the same haircut. In this picture, we see long brushed back hair coupled with a classic taper on the sides.

Thick Curly Hair Fade

Guys with curly hair may complain about how hard it is to manage their hair, but wavy hair and curls provide a unique texture few men can compete with. The low bald fade and line up on the sides bring attention to the stylish curly hairstyle on top. Curly hair men should use a styling cream, salt spray and curl enhancer to make the most of all the curly haircuts they can get.

Long Spiky Hair + Taper Fade

This taper fade haircut highlights the long spiky hair on top. Most spiky hairstyles are cut longer with short sides and back. While spikes are always fashionable, this hair can also be worn as a faux hawk, quiff, brush back or comb-over. Length on top offers versatility and styling options, allowing men to style all the coolest hairstyles!


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