Nick Jonas Latest Haircuts

While Nick Jonas’s haircut may not be the primary reason for his fame, a stylish hairstyle and look never hurt. In fact, Nick Jonas Latest Haircuts has gone through many changes over the years. From messy, curly hair to a buzz cut to a pompadour to a fade with a short, textured top, the Nick Jonas hairstyle has been unpredictable.

Nick Jonas has come a long way since his days on Disney Channel when his floppy mop of curls, smoldering stare, and dreamy voice swept a young Miley Cyrus off her feet.

Let’s just say the youngest Jonas brother has done a lot of growing up since then. The 26-year-old “Sucker” singer just married one of the most beautiful women in the world—aka Priyanka Chopra—and he’s newly back together with the Jo Bros after releasing a number of solo hits.

He’s also changed his famous hair along the way. Like most of us, as Nick has matured, so has his style—from the way he likes to dress to how he wears his hair. Keep scrolling to see how Nick Jonas’ hair has evolved over the years.

However, one thing is for certain – this Jonas brother knows how to rock short and long hair, straight or with curls.

Best Nick Jonas Hairstyles

Though it’s hard to tell what Nick Jonas Latest Haircuts will be, guys with curly hair can emulate the musician’s best cuts and styles. If you’re curious about styling a cool look and want some inspiration, check out the Nick Jonas Latest Haircuts pictures below for ideas!

Nick Jonas latest hairstyles

Side Part + High Fade
Nick Jonas Side Part + High Fade
Modern Textured Quiff
Nick Jonas Modern Textured Quiff
Long Quiff
Nick Jonas Long Quiff
Messy Long Curly Hair
Nick Jonas Messy Long Curly Hair
Shaved Head
Nick Jonas Shaved Head
Short Curly Hair
Nick Jonas Short Curly Hair
Short Sides + Messy Textured Top
Nick Jonas Short Sides + Messy Textured Top
Buzz Cut
Buzz Cut
Medium Length Hair + Curls
Medium Length Hair + Curls
Slicked Back Hair + Short Sides
Nick Jonas Slicked Back Hair + Short Sides
Low Fade + Cropped Top
Low Fade + Cropped Top
High Fade + Thick Comb Over
High Fade + Thick Comb Over
Crew Cut
Nick Jonas Crew Cut
Textured Top + Side Swept Fringe + Fade
Nick Jonas Textured Top + Side Swept Fringe + Fade

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